Artist: U2

Date: 2001-05-07

Location: Columbus, OH - Nationwide Arena

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: DPA 4021 / M1


May 7, 2001
Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH

Taped from club section, left side of arena, opposite from speaker on the left. Mics taped to railing in ~ORTF configuration.
DPA 4021 mics > Beyer MV100 preamp > Sony M1 DAT deck
Conversion: Seagate CTD 8000-HS DAT drive > dat2wav > Cool Edit Pro (48->44k resample done at highest quality)

Disc 1
01 Elevation
02 Beautiful Day
03 Until the End of the World
04 New Year's Day
05 Stuck in a Moment
06 Gone
07 Kite
08 New York
09 I Will Follow
10 Sunday Bloody Sunday (w/"Get Up Stand Up")
11 In a Little While
12 Desire

Disc 2
01 Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
02 Bad
03 Where the Streets Have No Name
04 Mysterious Ways
05 The Fly
06 Bullet the Blue Sky
07 With or Without You
08 Pride (In the Name of Love)
09 One
10 Walk On

Several problems with the show due to severe taper incompetence:
-Beginning of Elevation intro cut off.
-Fumbling with mics and poor level adjustments during Elevation.
-Equipment problems for first ~10 minutes resulting in loss of right channel in several spots.
-Right mic ripped free from taped position as taper asks nearby idiots to talk somewhere else. Mic noises and odd sound during Desire/Stay.
-A few other spots of drop-outs/mic noise here and there.

Much editing done to correct problems as best as possible. Channel dropouts masked by
dropping to mono. Much EQ done to bring down bass, which is still overly present in spots.
Many claps removed via CEP's "Click/Pop eliminator--fill single click now," but many more remain.

B sound
C+ crowd

Do not sell this show.
Do not distribute lossy files (mp3/vqf/etc) of this show.
Please do offer blank+postage of the show if you download and burn it. (try posting to for example)
When you distribute the show further, please pass along source information and request that others pass it along as well.

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