Artist: U2

Date: 2001-11-09

Location: Salt Lake City, UT - Delta Center

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: Schoeps MK4s / M1


Salt Lake City, UT
Delta Center

Source: schoeps mk4s > rmod2k1 > sony pcm-m1
Taper: Jon Ice ( Thanks to Alex C. for the mic's and pre!
Location: behind stage

Conversion: Equipment: Tascam DA-30 > Digital Coax > Sek'd Prodif32 >
Cool Edit Pro > MKW Audio Compression Tool

** No DAE - DAT > .WAV > .SHN


Disc 1:
01: Intro
02: Elevation
03: Beautiful Day
04: Until the End of the World
05: New Year's Day
06: I Will Follow
07: Sunday Bloody Sunday
08: Stuck In a Moment
09: Kite
10: Wild Honey (acoustic)
11: People Get Ready *
12: Please (acoustic)

Disc 2:
01: Bad / 40
02: Where the Streets Have No Name
03: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
04: Pride

Encore #1:
05: Intro to...
06: Bullet the Blue Sky
07: What's Going On
08: New York

Encore #2:
09: Intro to...
10: One
11: Peace On Earth
12: Walk On / Hallelujah

* with David Brooks (fan pulled out of the crowd)

Notes about show:
d1t02 very beginning of elevation i was checking levels, so don't get dizzy :o)

Notes about location:
our tickets somehow got screwed up. rachael thought we had GA. instead we were in
the upper level almost behind the stage, and WAY off from any kind of stack. i guess since both sets of tix were $45 there was a mixup. oh well. anyway, there were 2 stacks directly behind the stage, but nobody was sitting in those sections around 7:15. we asked if we could sit there, and security said no. they lowered the curtain behind the stage, and there were like 3 rows in front of it to sit in, and people started moving over there. so, we moved down, directly behind the stage, directly in front of a stack.
seriously, the thing was eye level with us, and like 30-40 feet away.

No cover available for this show.