Artist: U2

Date: 1983-06-29

Location: New York, NY - Pier 84

Medium: SHN


"Pier 84"
June 29, 1983
New York NY

Complete Show : Almost. About 1/2 of "Twilight" was not recorded
(other sources corroborate this information).
Most of the spoken introduction to "I Fall Down" was not recorded,
but the song was caught in its entirety.

One Disc:
1. Out Of Control
2. Twilight
3. An Cat Dubh / Into The Heart
4. Surrender
5. Two Hearts Beat As One
6. Seconds
7. Sunday Bloody Sunday
8. The Cry-> The Electric Co.
9. I Fall Down
10. October
11. New Year's Day
12. Gloria
13. 11 O'clock Tick Tock
14. I Will follow
15. "40"

History: CDRs received by Milesian->EAC (secure)->32-bit resampling with SoundForge 5.0->edits (described below)->resampledto 44.1 kHz->indexes with CDWave ->MKW to SHN

Remastering Notes:
Received by Milesian on CDR. It clearly comes from the master tape as there were no edits, fades or adjustments.
There was slight hiss normal for analog tapes and several blemishes.
I believe it comes directly from analog to standalone CDR with perhaps a DAT generation in there. I am attempting to get more information from my source on his source information.

Flaws and Idiosyncrasies
The recording volume was very low from 0-1:40, especially in the first 20 seconds. The sound remains muffled, as if the taper didn't get the mics out from cover, before stabilizing at exactly two minutes.
There was a cut at 4:05 between "Out of Control" and "Twilight," which cut in suddenly during the chorus of "in the shadows"...
Cut at 40:40 during the sustain of the last note on "Electric Co." and cut back at 40:48 at end of Bono's intro to "I Fall Down"
The right channel was fuller, with more vocals and drums. The entire sound stage sounded skewed significantly to the right.

Edits and Fixes
1. Balanced levels up to 1:40, working separately from 0 to 20 sec. and 21 to 1:40.
2. In order to prevent the volume increase from raising the relative level of the analog hiss,
used CoolEdit 2000 to do a light noise reduction up to the 1:40 mark only
before working on the levels.
3. Closed gaps at 4:05 between "Out of Control" and "Twilight" using zero crossings.
4. Closed gap between sustained last note of "Electric Co." and sudden cut into "I Fall Down"
intro at zero crossings with slight fade to 30% of audience cheering at end of "Electric Co."
5. Moved sound stage right to left by 30% to center vocals and drums.
6. Normalized both channels simultaneously to maximum peak.

All processing except hiss reduction performed with SoundForge 5.0

Address all praise to Hewson & Co., all complaints to God
Tweaks by Milesian, Dec. 2001

No cover available for this show.