Artist: U2

Date: 1986-05-17

Location: Dublin, Ireland - Royal Dublin Society Showgrounds

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: FM


"Rain on You" [Part 1 of 3]
May 17th, 1986
Royal Dublin Society Showgrounds
Dublin, Ireland

Manufacturer: Teddy Bear Records
Catalog: TB-27
Matrix: TB 27 PHC 1422-B
Source: Good to very good FM broadcast/soundboard

Conversion: CD > Exact Audio Copy (v0.9 pb11)
[Secure Mode] > WAV > mkwACT (0.97b1) > SHN
Converted by:
Hardware: Sony CRX160E-A1 CD-RW (+572 Read Offset, +AC, +CA, -C2)

01 Intro/C'Mon Everybody (E. Cochran)
02 Pride
03 Sunday Bloody Sunday
04 Maggie's Farm (B. Dylan)
05 Bad >
06 Candle In The Wind (E. John) >
07 Walk On THe Wild Side (L. Reed) > Bad

Notes (©1999 This is a great CD featuring three of U2's most significant performances between the end of the Unforgettable Fire Tour and the release of 'The Joshua Tree'. The CD is indexed rather oddly. "MLK" and "Pride (In The ame Of Love)" are indexed together, yet "Maggie's Farm" is indexed with single line from John Lennon's "Cold Turkey" on a separate track. "Bad" and "Sunday Bloody Sunday" are suspiciously missing between Tracks and 9. Little Steven, Nona Hendrix and Lou Reed appear on Track 12. The "Live Aid" tracks are excellent. This is the original pressing on this label.

(Part 2: June 15, 1986: u21986-06-15.roy.shnf)
(Part 3: July 13, 1985: u21985-07-13.roy.shnf)

No cover available for this show.