Artist: U2

Date: 1985-04-15

Location: East Rutherford, NJ - Meadowlands (Brendan Byrne) Arena

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: Nak CM100 / PMD430


April 15, 1985
Meadowlands (Brendan Byrne) Arena
East Rutherford, NJ, USA

Complete show: Yes, except perhaps one phrase during "40"

DISC ONE (43:45.59):
1. 11 O'clock Tick Tock (4:56)
2. I Will Follow (3:57)
3. Seconds (3:54)
4. MLK (3:09)
5. The Unforgettable Fire (4:56)
6. Wire (4:26.08)
7. Sunday Bloody Sunday (6:11)
8. The Cry-> The Electric Co. (7:42)
9. A Sort Of Homecoming (4:33)

DISC TWO (50:40.15):
1. Bad (18:24)
2. October (2:19)
3. New Year's Day 5:13)
4. Pride (In The Name Of Love) (5:01)
5. Party Girl (5:24)
6. Gloria (5:32)
7. "40" (8:45)

Nakamici CM-100 mics > Marantz PMD430
(chrome analog cassette, noise reduction off)
Taper: Joe Nunnink

Conversion: Master cassette > dubbed to Maxell XLII-90, no NR > ??
Conversion by: Jeff Cooper
Bootleg cassette AUD(?) on chrome tape (CDR transfer as below)

Combination of superior but incomplete 1st generation recording and inferior but still fair
99% complete unknown recording from bootleg cassette. Except where noted, the superior
recording was used and portions of the weaker recording spliced in to create a 99% complete
version of this once rare and still excellent concert.

Restoration Notes:
After having transferred the poorer recording to CDR and SHN, another (better) source was
located. However, this was incomplete. To make a complete set the two recordings were
combined and imperfections in the superior version remedied. Details, as well as known flaws,
are listed as follow:

1. First 1:55 of "Tick Tock" was missing, now spliced to form complete song
2. Recording level drop at 19:59-20:08 real time (during "Unforgettable Fire").
This was boosted back up to smooth levels
3. Clipping occurs from 20:08 to 20:14 real time. This was left alone
4. Levels boosted from 20:14 to 20:25 (some brickwalling or saturation of levels on source CDR)
5. 39:13 abrupt cut between crowd noise and start of "Sort of Homecoming" left alone
6. "MLK" and "Sort of Homecoming" were indexed together. Now separated.
7. Tiny ticks between several songs removed

1. First word of "Bad" intro missing, spliced in from poorer version
2. After end of "Pride," better recording faded out. Audience noise and Bono "thank you,"
plus first ~50 sec. of "Party Girl" were missing. Spliced back in from alternate source.
3. Very first utterance of "40" intro inserted from alt. source at 41:55
4. Last 3:00 of "40" missing from better version; spliced from alt. source. However, about a
phrase or two was missing on alt. source as well, between the "feed the world" and
"we are the world" improvs.

Original CDR transfer of Complete (lesser) Recording:
CDR & SHN transfer: Cassette>Sony R-500 DAT with Super Bit Mapping @ 44.1 kHz >coax cable to
HD via Midiman Dio 2448 digital soundcard>Cool Edit 2000 to remove hiss cleanly, balance left
and right levels, and fade in/out >CDwave to split tracks and save separate WAV files >MKW>SHN

All of above edits made with CoolEdit Pro v. 2.0
by Milesian
June 2002

No cover available for this show.