Artist: U2

Date: 0000-00-00

Location: U2 Early TV Shows 1983-1990

Medium: DVD


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Size 3702
TVM=Master, TV1=1st gen, TV2= 2nd gen

??/??/83 Kenny Everett Show, BBC, TVM
Two hearts
(mimed performance to re-recorded version)

??/??/83 TOTP, BBC, TV2
New Year’s Day
(mimed performance to re-recorded version)

03/16/83 The Tube, Tyne Tees TV Studios, CH4, TV1
I will follow
(nearly half the audience join the band on stage)

01/30/86 TV GAGA, RTE2 Studios, Dublin, TV1
I trip through your wires
Knockin on heavens door
(drunken late night performance with unreleased song + early version of TTYW)

10/16/88 Smile Jamaica, Dominion Theatre, London, CH4, TVM
All along the Watchtower
Angel of Harlem
When love comes to town
Love rescue me
(charity show with guests Keith Richards + Ziggy Marley)

01/01/90 Point Depot, Dublin, RTE, TVM
Where the streets have no name
I will follow (cut)
(excellent footage of U2’s New Year show with Dave Fannings countdown)

Early Shows 83-90 DVD cover