Artist: U2

Date: 2004-11-22

Location: Brooklyn, New York - Empire Fulton State Ferry Park

Medium: DVD

Equipment / Source: amateur / pro-shot


New York 22-11-2004
Mixed by Achtungpop
Menu by MLK

ntsc 720*480
3 ac3 files

2 audience cam + mtv jammed mix + 3 audio streams

1st audience cam : Taped by GnrArnold , front of bono , a little dark, and shaky
2nd audience cam : Taped by Kevin , on Edge'side , very stable and sharp
mtv jammed : 4 proshot titles broadcasted on mtv, but with lots of cuts and additonal montage.

Please note that on the mtv jammed program, the songs were all incomplete and cut, that's why you'll see audience shot in the middle of each of them !

I've included on this dvd the original audio sources of each audience camera (GNRArnold : English stream; Kevin : Deutsch stream) ,and a 3rd audio stream (French) including GNRarnold audio take (the best of the 2 audience in my mind) + soundboard sound on 4 titles !
Note that on MTV jammed program, the audio of Vertigo is the audio of the 2nd take, but image is the 1st take of Vertigo ! Really stupid, MTV ! So you won't hear the soundboard of Vertigo on the proshot version, but on a the audience version at the end !

Waiting for the complete proshot, I believe it's the best version to see for the moment ;-)

01 Vertigo (proshot)
02 All because of you (proshot + soundboard audio )
03 Miracle drug
04 Sometimes you can't ... (proshot + soundboard audio)
05 City of blinding lights
06 Original of thr species
07 She's a mystery to me
08 Beautiful day
09 I will follow (proshot + soundboard audio)
10 Out of control
11 Vertigo (soundboard audio )

Bonus : Waiting for U2 (filmed by Kevin) mix with All because of you video footage

U2 2004-11-22 DVD cover