Artist: U2

Date: 2005-03-30

Location: San Diego, CA - San Diego Sports Arena

Medium: SHN

Equipment / Source: AT831 / M1


March 30, 2005
San Diego Sports Arena (Ipay One Center)
San Diego, CA

source: AT831>SP-SPSB-2>M1

taper: edgar, not some fat ebayer with a video camera and a paypal account full of "donations".

location: 15-20 feet in front of / outside elipse tip DFC

transfer: M1>oade active cable>monster coax>emagic emi 2/6>soundforge 6.0>cdwave>mkw

***NO DAE***


Disc One:

Intro 1:32.55 u22005-03-30d1t01.wav
City of Blinding Lights 5:27.43 u22005-03-30d1t02.wav
Vertigo 4:58.70 u22005-03-30d1t03.wav
Electric Co. 5:50.58 u22005-03-30d1t04.wav
Gloria 4:35.17 u22005-03-30d1t05.wav
Beautiful Day 4:17.50 u22005-03-30d1t06.wav
With or Without You 5:02.45 u22005-03-30d1t07.wav
New Year's Day 4:56.43 u22005-03-30d1t08.wav
Miracle Drug 6:00.52 u22005-03-30d1t09.wav
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own 5:09.14 u22005-03-30d1t10.wav
Love and Peace or Else 4:59.06 u22005-03-30d1t11.wav
Sunday Bloody Sunday 5:00.17 u22005-03-30d1t12.wav
Bullet The Blue Sky 3:20.03 u22005-03-30d1t13.wav
Hands That Built America 1:17.00 u22005-03-30d1t14.wav
Running to Standstill 4:54.45 u22005-03-30d1t15.wav
Human Rights Thingy 0:44.66 u22005-03-30d1t16.wav

Disc Two:

Zoo Station 4:31.28 u22005-03-30d2t01.wav
The Fly 5:21.26 u22005-03-30d2t02.wav
Elevation 7:12.19 u22005-03-30d2t03.wav
Pride (In The Name of Love) 4:25.60 u22005-03-30d2t04.wav
Where The Streets Have No Name 5:40.36 u22005-03-30d2t05.wav
One 9:25.55 u22005-03-30d2t06.wav
All Beacuse of You 4:22.65 u22005-03-30d2t07.wav
Yahweh 3:22.33 u22005-03-30d2t08.wav
"40" 6:25.34 u22005-03-30d2t09.wav

*slight 2 second fluctuation - girl on shoulders next to me fell on my head. nice one.

BIG thanks to those that provided the blocking help I got...with the exception of drunk shoulder
falling girl, they provided JUST enough cover to ward the drunken psychos off at the end and help
save the tape.

Chris (seeder of 3-28) and I have provided the U2 community with a great start.
Let's get tapers floor tickets and get the rest of the shows covered like the 1st two!

In the words of the best showmen of THEIR era...
"it's a helluva a could be made in to a monster, if we ALL PULL TOGETHER AS A TEAM"

special thanks to alex for his tutelage and PATIENCE with young padawan learners everywhere.

compiled by solomon 3/31/2005 (

U2 2005-03-30 SHN cover

U2 2005-03-30 SHN cover

U2 2005-03-30 SHN cover

U2 2005-03-30 SHN cover

U2 2005-03-30 SHN cover

U2 2005-03-30 SHN cover