Artist: U2

Date: 2001-05-27

Location: Montreal, Quebec - Molson Centre

Medium: SHN

Title: Heaven Turns To Hell


Heaven Turns To Hell
Elevation Montreal, Canada
27 May 2001

Disc 1:
1. Trippy Elevation Intro
2. Elevation
3. Beautiful Day
4. Until the End of The World
5. Discotheque/Staring At the Sun
6. Mysterious Ways
7. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
8. Kite
9. Gone
10. New York
11. Out of Control
11. Sunday Bloody Sunday/Get Up, Stand Up
12. Sweetest Thing
13. Band Introductions
15. Desire

Disc 2:
1. Stay (Faraway, So Close)
2. Bad/40
3. Where the Streets Have No Name
4. Pride (In the Name of Love)/Intermission/Charlton Heston Speech
5. Bullet the Blue Sky
6. With Or Without You
7. The Fly/Intermission
8. One/Happy Birthday
9. She's A Mystery To Me
9. Walk On

History: DAT master > CD master > CD (optical clone) > CDR > EAC Secure (Wav) > FLAC Frontend (FLAC)

Recording Equipment: TCDD8 with OKM IIr mics

Taper: Corey Present

NOTE: Corey did just as good of a job recording the concerts in the upper Midwest as he did in Texas. Hard to believe, but true. Those of you who have heard "Deep In the Heart...of Texas" or "Old School: U2 In Dallas" know how good Corey's recordings sound. This bootleg is virtually identical to those recordings. The clarity is incredible and there is almost no crowd noise. Another incredible recording!

Bono says that "Every night they have an instrument that measures how loud, how noisy the crowd is. This is the noisiest crowd on the whole tour!" Needless to say, the crowd goes wild.

Those who waited in the general admission queue for this concert can sympathize with the title of this bootleg. Not only is it a line from "She's A Mystery To Me", it's also how those who were waiting patiently in the line felt as the doors to the arena were opened. Security at the Molson Centre opened a side door and let in people who were standing outside the gate before those who had been waiting in line for twelve hours. The result was that a lot of people who should have been standing right in front of the stage wound up outside of the heart.

No cover available for this show.