Artist: U2

Date: 2005-03-28

Location: San Diego, CA - San Diego Sports Arena

Medium: DVD

Equipment / Source: amateur shot - 4 cam


March 28th 2005
San Diego Sports Arena - ipayone center
San Diego CA

An Official release
In Conjunction with the U2 Vert Video Project
and Silver Stallion DVD Productions

Top right: RJPass - Sony TRV340 20x
Lower right: JAM - Sony PC1000 10x
Middle: u2rulesmyworld - Sony HC21 20x
Floor: Eliv8 - Olympus C-770 digital camera 10x
Audio: chrisedge - Sound Professional AT933 Hyper Cardioids
DVD Editing: guitarbill, Silver Stallion Productions

This DVD is the first in a Set of DVD's from U2's Vertigo tour. These DVD's will be
groundbreaking for their craftsmanship and attention to detail. This is only the 1st
and definitely not the best that will come out of the U2 Vert Video Project.

I would like to thank all involved in this project, some may not like our methods
but no one will be able to argue with our results.

This DVD got its start as a freely shared torrent, it should be made available to
all who wish to possess a copy, however please do not torrent this show on a public
torrenting site until AFTER 5/22/05.

NO ONE has permission to re-author or alter this DVD in any way for any reason; this
is the final edit of this show and the official release. Please respect the filmers
and authors wishes that this show ONLY be circulated in this form. This video should
not be converts to VCD, VHS, Mpeg or any other format, it is only to be shared in
DVD and DV formats to preserve the quality.


01. Everyone
02. City of Blinding Lights
03. Vertigo
04. Cry - The Electric Co
05. An Cat Dubh
06. Into the Heart
07. Beautiful Day
08. New Year's Day
09. Miracle Drug
10. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
11. Love and Peace or Else
12. Sunday Bloody Sunday
13. Bullet the Blue Sky / Hands That Built America
14. Running to Stand Still
15. Zoo Station
16. The Fly
17. Elevation
18. Pride
19. Where the Streets Have No Name
20. One
21. All Because Of You
22. Yahweh
23. 40

No cover available for this show.