Artist: U2

Date: 1989-09-27

Location: Sydney, Australia - Entertainment Center

Medium: DVD

Equipment / Source: proshot


September 27,1989
Sydney, Australia
Entertainment Center

3rd gen VHS>Sony Vaio>Adobe Premier>Ulead 2.21>VIDEO_TS

Note : This is pro shot from what is claimed to be Channel 10 news who was filming bits
of the show. the copy from the video guy who let it out to the 1st gen was converted from PAL to
NTSC. Quality is good but not perfect. I do not beleive this has circulated much if at
all in u2 circles. This is NOT the Lovetown documentary filmed in Sydney later in November

If you ever saw this video you would know it, as it has the best "Desire" probably ever filmed
Basically half way through the song Bono spots this cameraman and brings him up on stage
then makes him part of the song, its like a 8 minute version of Desire.

Some of the songs are clipped a bit by the cameraman, notably pride

1) Hawkmoon 269
2) Desire/Love is Not Fade Away/Rock and Roll Band/Desire
3) All Along the Watchtower
4) Angel of Harlem
5) When Love Comes to Town
6) Pride (cuts in)

The first 3 songs is the best raw live performance I have ever seen of u2 on film

No cover available for this show.