Artist: U2

Date: 2005-06-13

Location: The Culture Show

Medium: DVD

Title: The Culture Show

Equipment / Source: TV


U2 in Brussels
Vertigo Tour 2005 - European Leg
"The Culture Show"
Broadcast BBC2 7-8PM 13-06-2005

Lineage: NTL Cable > ATI AIW 9800 + SB Live > ATI MMC 8Mbps MPG2 > TMPGEnc > TMPGEnc DVD Author

1. Introduction
2. "Everyone"
3. Interview (with Mariella Frostrup)
4. Electric Co. (1980)
5. Beautiful Day
6. Vertigo
7. City Of Blinding Lights


DVD PAL (MPEG-2 720x576 25fps CQ 100, Layer-2 48000Hz 384kbps)


Archived on ICY1.

No cover available for this show.